Capacity building of the health system

Training and strengthening of competencies of health workers is key to maternal and newborn health and survival in low-income countries. Maternity Foundation conducts clinical trainings both for pre-service and in-service health care providers with the aim of increasing the quantity and quality of skilled birth attendants.

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Empowerment of the local community

In order to ensure that more women and families seek skilled care during pregnancy and labor it is of crucial importance to empower the local community to take responsibility for and play an active part in improving women and children’s health and survival. Maternity Foundation do this through two empowerment components

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Mobile health

Maternity Foundation works to develop and promote new innovative solutions to prevent maternal and newborn mortality and has positioned itself as a strong actor within the emerging field of mHealth (mobile health: use of mobile phones for health services and information).

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Training platform

On our training platform , you will find all the training material for Maternity Foundation’s clinical training programs and community empowerment training programs.

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