Thursday 27. April 2017
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Updated and improved Safe Delivery App now available

Today, we have published an updated and improved version of the Safe Delivery App. This new version of the App has been updated both in terms of content and design to ensure a more intuitive and approachable user experience based on the newest clinical guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO).

Both the original and updated versions of the Safe Delivery App are developed by Maternity Foundation, Copenhagen University and University of Southern Denmark and produced by Visikon. The development is supported by MSD for Mothers and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The original version of the Safe Delivery App – launched in early 2015 – was developed based on the latest and strongest clinical evidence from FIGO, RCOG and WHO, and it was validated by a group of clinical experts from Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, ALSO, Doctors without Borders, Columbia University and more.

However, we want to ensure that the App is continuously updated to meet the newest global guidelines. Also, we want to make the adaptation process of the App – both at national level and within the UN and WHO system – as easy and efficient as possible. Therefore, we have re-viewed and updated the clinical content of the App to ensure that it is based on the newest WHO guidelines on managing complications in pregnancy and childbirth.

We have also visually incorporated WHO’s core values on respectful and friendly maternal care, e.g. adding a birth companion to the video and making the speaker inform about the importance of asking for the woman’s consent before procedure.

In addition to the content updates, we have re-designed the App’s interface structure around its 10 clinical modules, e.g. infection prevention, hypertension and postpartum haemorrhage. Each module contains videos, action cards, drug list, practical procedures as well as access to the up-coming learning platform. This updated user flow will give users a better overview of the App’s content and will make its clinical guidelines easier accessible whether it is used in a training setting or in the maternity ward.

In a few months, the Safe Delivery App will become an even stronger learning tool when the learning platform – named “My learning” in the App – will be added. The platform will ensure an individualized, highly motivational learning experience based on the App’s clinical content.

We strongly urge our partners and users of The Safe Delivery App to download the updated App as soon as possible and get acquainted with the updated version. Going forward, the updated version will be the starting point for all national adaptation of the App.

Please go to App Store or Google Play to download the updated Safe Delivery App – or to update your current version of the App.

Links to the updated App: